Main Bathroom

    Main bedroom dedicated bathroom. Double travertine sink covered in solid oak with towel holders. White painted furniture covering … More

Central Hall Way

    Sliding custom made wooden doors are covering and uncovering a space used for sculpture exhibition. This gives a … More

Living Room Bar

    In relation with the kitchen, the bar is composed of a massive wooden beam, standing on a steel structure. … More

Living Room / Workshop

        Back light white surfaces are appearing to float detached from the painted walls. But the marsala paint … More

Small Bathroom Design

            Travertine custom sink covered in solid oak wood. Handy towel holder and incorporated drawer. … More

Minimal Kitchen

Minimal kitchen design freestanding furniture island with extracting slidable table. Travertine top with integrated hob and automatic extraction of ventilation … More

Attic Bathroom

Hand-sculpted wood detailing on shower panel. Solid wood covered travertine sink with towel holder and bath towel holder for headers. … More

Tower Bedroom

Situated on the second floor, partially attic, this space was configured raising the level of the roof and resulting in … More