Expandable Table

      The wish of having a big family dinner table on the terrace which can turn into a … More

Glass Piano Bench

The Piano Forte is the only classic piece in the living room. Balancing its presence, the walls on the opposite … More

Tea and Coffee Table

Initially designed for the piano, the table ended up being a multi-purpose one. The two vertical planes stand in an … More


      Situated in the center of the sculptor’s house, the dining area still has some authentic details of … More

Sofa with Coffee Table

The client needed a bed in the office room for occasionally guests. The office asked for an elegant sofa and … More

Bedroom Bench

    The client requested a sitting area in the main bedroom, although the dimensions of the room are quite … More

Bar Stools

Designed with the idea of ‘He and She’, these bar stools are inspired by the massive wood pieces that were … More

“Mood” Sofa-Bed

   Multi purpose sofa/bed design. According to your mood this objects adapts: from full size bed 160/200cm with small library … More

Garden Bench

    The presence of the massive wood pieces is part of the concept: a garden deposit for brute unfinished … More

Foldable Pipe

2011  Design Concept 3 mobile parts that closed make and easy to carry, soft, round, object Texture: wood with metal … More

Metal Handbag

2009  a must have for every cyber-girl Texture: aluminium handbag