Conceptual Items


Spoon Bed -2011

the bed is designed to encourage the spoon position that is known to be uncomfortable for the person who is the “big spoon”

this can be fixed by simply making the trace of the arm in such a manner that the arm is not pressed by weight

Seat on Light- 2011

How does it feel like when you sit on light?

a stool that reflects the light in a fluorescent way

after the dark you can feel the sensation of seating on light when it glows


soft fabric with fluorescent paint

2011 / Design Concept

reusing a trumpet by attaching a light bulb

The Thinker of Hamangia

is a late Neolithic figure found around 1952 in Romania, and has its name from the position of the man because he is seating on a stool he has his head in his arms, inspiring the thinking position in today`s culture, the advice to think  is rarely found.

The Thinker`s Chair

can be an urban sculpture for the use of every passerby is designed to “force” the person to adopt the thinker`s position.

Sox Carpet

 recommended for young people with messy habits

if there are already sox around…others won`t make a difference