“Contemporary Exhibition Set” Baths of Caracalla, Rome, Italy



 Design Concept, Diagrams, 3D, Render

Designing a space for contemporary art exhibition, temporary events, and installations

within the antique ruins of the Baths of Carracalla.

The goal was to have a limited intervention, designed to be used during the summer and in

the evening when the rest of the site is closed.

The proposed pavement is inspired from the mosaic of the ancient roman spaces.

In the past they were constructed as a form of art, and the proposed system represents

a 3D flexible “art support” that permits the curator to

change the aspect of the exhibition according to the desires of the artist.

The system is made out of wooden cubes with a metal structure and mechanism.

Project leaders: prof. arch. Romolo Ottaviani, prof. arch Giovanna Donini

Location: Rome, Italy