Museum “Emperor Hadrian City”, Seville, Spain

Design Concept, 3D, Render

The contemporary reconfiguration of the antic Domus villa by suggesting the essential spaces using a floating volume.

It also solves a landscape conflict between the antique “agora” site and the medieval cemetery on the top of the hill.

The project of a new “domus” recreates the relationship with the environment by suggesting

the openings of the taverns and shops.

The materials used are painted panels of recomposed wood, and steel for the structure.

The roof has elements of the expression of the wall in order to give an idea of the ways a “domus” can develop.

Leading professor: arch. Sandro Pittini, arch. prof. R. Hidalgo Prieto
Visiting professor: dott. ssa Benedetta Adembri,  dott. José Ramón López

Location: Seville, Granada – Spain

7 -14 oct. 2011